Racism & James Baldwin.

I’m visiting video documents of James Baldwin to further my knowledge of systemic racism – what was identified in my youth, what has not changed, what it is like to reside in a country that would rather you were somewhere or someone else.

These videos were filmed on film using film and all the chemicals for production when I was a child of a single-digit age.  Although it’s tempting to express outrage that these artifacts were unknown:buried:concealed:hidden from me, I will take this moment to reflect that the tech which allows me to reach through the webs and communicate did not exist until ARPANET grew up into internet and Bill Gates and the Cisco kids could bring it all home.

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PSA: Nov. 15 – December 15, 2017 HealthCare.gov Open Enrollment

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

The Open Enrollment period for health insurance for 2018 is

November 15 – December 15, 2017

Sign up at HealthCare.gov. 

August 31, 2017 – The Trump administration cut the advertising budget for outreach to voters eligible for an Affordable Care Act health plan (Obamacare).  Trump has stated he wants Obamacare to implode and fail from lack of participation. (‘Let Obamacare Fail’, nytimes.com) Continue reading

The view from my safety pin.

I started wearing a safety pin in the wake of the election of Donald Trump.  A trend started after the vote to Brexit in the UK, it is a small outward sign that one is a “safe” person. It is a sign of solidarity between the “to-the-privilege-born” and the not.

My safety pin. It is my advertisement that I am an accepting face, a safe space, a zone of comfort. And every day I pin up, I pray I do not need to step up to support my safety pin. Continue reading

A sundry assortment.

A sundry assortment.  Glorious redundancy.  Yummy.

This is a post to celebrate the joy of standing on my own little orange crate in my own little corner of the internet yelling at the speed of blogging into the void.  These are some brief observations on the sweet nothings and big somethings that made their way into our news feed this week:

Tomi Lahren Elle Reeve

My first thought when I saw Elle Reeve on the Face the Nation Panel — aviator glasses, braided hipster blond — was “Good Lord, not another Tomi Lahren.” Continue reading


Confederate statues coming down and Mike Pence, Vice POTUS, stated “I’m someone who believes in more monuments, not less monuments” and “we ought to be celebrating the men and women who have helped our nation move towards a more perfect union and tell the whole story of America.” Continue reading

Today it’s your birthday!

First I’ll start by announcing the great relief I feel that my daughter turns a whole 21 years old today. In the eyes of the state, she is now fully-formed adult capable of making adult decisions, ordering adult libations, signing legally binding documents, and no longer a child.

But always my child.  Fierce independence has been there since about 3 years old. Case in point — in an effort to streamline getting dressed in the morning, I offered a choice of two really cute outfits. Her reply was a cool, “Mom, that’s no choice.”  She dressed off-script that morning and every morning thereafter.  It ended my two years of ‘dress your daughter in completely cute, coordinated outfits’ run.

And always the parent. I’ve watched the separation, the independence between us grow deeper and wider and stronger.  And that separation, the bond that formed, is more satisfying than dressing an automaton of my own making in cute outfits. (Also, I probably overestimate how cute the outfits were, but I digress.)

But, a satisfying bond of separation? Yes. We — parent and child, communicate across a chasm of age, education, experience, knowledge and all the rest.  As we age, I appreciate our relationship even more as I step away from seeing myself as only a “parent” and her as only a “child.” Independence from those familial labels allows me to step back and really admire the adult she’s become, appreciate her achievements, be wowed and amazed by what she accomplishes and learns, what she takes on next … yep. Without me.

Today I celebrate her independence!

Happy Birthday, Frood!

I love you lots.

– woW¹

¹”woW” is “Mom” upside-down.