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Reporting from the bleacher seats …

My all time favorite Bill Paxton role was in “True Lies” as Simon, the used car salesman. A favorite scene was at the edge of a dam where Simon:Bill is threatened by Harry:Schwarzenegger.   Pleading for his life Simon cries “I’m navelent.”

Navelent. I thought I knew most of the ‘lent’ words* — benevolent, violent, malevolent, equivalent, ambivalent.  Just what is ‘navelent’?  And such a big word for Simon seemed out of character.

No.  Not navelent.  With a second viewing, my hearing “I’m navelent” resolved itself into “I’m navel lint.”  Navel lint.

And on Bill’s passing, all I can say is, me too, Bill.  Me, too.

* A quick check of the Scrabble word finder tells me I’m a ‘lent’ words neophyte.

2 thoughts on “RIP Bill Paxton (1955.05.17 — 2017.02.25)

  1. Sue Larsen says:

    Lovely post. Have to admit, when I came to the word “navelent” in your posting, I googled it. Should have read to the end!

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