As I signed up for my neighborhood association website, I noted that my neighbors had a very well-developed ‘Privacy Policy.’ Whoa! No peeking in my windows.

And as I publish under a pseudonym, you may conclude that I value a bit of my own privacy. And likewise, I care for your privacy, so here we go!

2018.11.27: Viva E.’s privacy policy.

The internet is my publishing platform. 

I attach no strings. 

I do not use cookies. 

I do not use the Google Analytics. I view the tallies that WordPress provides as part of their basic package.

I will not waste your time, attention, and electronic resources on third-party machinations. No java scripts, no dancing hippos advertising tutus or pointe shoes, no moving parts. 

If I ever have advertising, it will be simple, static images with links to other internet places.

If you click on a link I have included in a post, you have left the Viva privacy umbrella. You are now seated in someone else’s audience. And I cannot vouch for their privacy policy.  

If you entered an e-mail address to get automatic updates, that is all you will get from me in your e-mail. I will not sell your e-mail address to another or spam your e-mail with non-internet post blather. Just no.

When or if there are changes to this policy, I will change the date above and will include the full updated text with changes notated in a blog post. 

Readers are valuable, precious and dear to me. To be read is an honor. Thank you for your time and attention.

-Viva Escritora