Viva Escritora

Reporting from the bleacher seats …

Some folks do not enjoy poetry. If that’s you, then take a big deep tl;dr!? breather.

And if you do, well, enjoy!

Or not.

A gift of poetry!

Upon Examining the Signature on a Signed Copy

The Rain in Portugal, signed by Billy Collins, a gift.
But in the ‘Billy Collins’ signature font
     his name could be ‘Bolly Cotton’
     only Bolly was too lazy to cross the ‘T’s.
Penmanship today being what it is and all.

Or maybe it says ‘Bully Collins,’
     the poetry bully.

And consider that Billy Collins, the grown man
     the slouchy professional,
     the comfortable academic,
     the poet laureate,
all of that,
answers to ‘Billy.’

Not “William” like royalty.
Not ‘Will’ like royalty on vacation.
Not ‘Liam’ like some Scottish chap having a pint.

No, ‘Billy,’
     a snot-nosed, bike riding 6-year-old tyrant of English
          which I’m sure he was.
                     – Viva E.

Disclaimer: I attended a Billy Collins reading in Madison, Wisconsin in the late 199x’s. I am a big fan and the above is poetic whimsy. I sincerely doubt Billy Collins was or has ever been a tyrant of English.

For your consideration, his signature:

Billy Collins

Or maybe it’s signed ‘Rolls Lolle’ …

3 thoughts on “A poetry moment.

  1. Wendy Potochnik says:

    OK so what is “tl;dr!” ? W.

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    1. tl;dr == too long; didn’t read! And that is always an option.

      Many articles/writers/publications put tl;dr summary info at the _end_ of a story/article. I prefer to put it up front so you know what you’re missing and so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the end for the roll-up. Seems reader friendlier up front.

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