tl; dr?! Public Service Announcement: Ballotpedia is a resource for election information. Subscribe for e-mail notifications, bookmark, or save their home page. Be an educated citizen, mark your calendar, and VOTE!!!

(Photo of a photo of Debbie Reynolds in Life magazine, March 31, 1972 was included to increase visual appeal, garner interest. Dance like Debbie Reynolds when you vote. Really. )

Ballotpediathe “Encyclopedia of American Politics” was the sweet rabbit hole surprise in my Google search for information on the April 2, 2019, Wisconsin state election. Nuts and bolts of elections and candidates — the site is a treasure trove for voter education and civic participation. On the About page, they state their commitment to neutrality and expound in an article on why and how.


For information on anything election – past or present, parties, candidates, etc. — use the Ballotpedia web-page search function and have fun exploring your chosen rabbit hole, state, candidate, election, race, etc.

And don’t forget to mark your calendar. Educated, civic participation is exercised with your VOTE!!!

Vote like Debbie Reynolds dances in this photo from Life magazine, March 31, 1972. Gratuitous inclusion of a photo of a photo to make this post more interesting. A picture contains a thousand words, click-bait, and all that …

Footnote: tl;dw!: Too long; didn’t write. Much.

tl;dw! is my new shorthand to signal I’m not accumulating word count.