A dumpster fire of (R)eprehensibles.

Wisconsin Primary Election tomorrow, August 14, 2018. Vote. Vote. Vote.

Information at MyVote Wisconsin.

In September 2016, Hillary Clinton put half of Trump’s supporters in a basket and then described that basket of deplorables as “… racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it …” behaviors.¹

And ‘deplorables’ became a noun and much hullabaloo ensued. Clinton lost the electoral college. Donald Trump is the President.  And 23 months after her “deplorable” comment, I  propose the whole of the Grand Ol’ Party, all the Republicans, the Trumpublicans, the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — the lot of them — it’s a long list, the all of them are a veritable dumpster fire of reprehensibles.

To support my argument, I point to prime exhibit, Scott Walker:

“Walker’s earlier focus was that spending was out of control but now, in many ways, it’s now going to be making sure that you have institutions that are going to work.“² I confess I’m confused that this statement comes from an early Wisconsin Trump supporter because it contains a couple nuggets of sunshine.

Let’s unpack:

Point one.Walker’s earlier focus was that spending was out of control …

Well, hi-dee-ho! If spending was out of control during the Obama administration, look at the US now! The party that touts fiscal responsibility as a value, isn’t. Not fiscally responsible.at.all. In April 2018, Bloomberg projected the deficit would surpass $1×10¹² USD or $1 trillion by 2020. And let’s face it, April was a lifetime four months ago and the Prescedense has pumped even more future dollars to jack the deficit up.

And so Walker of “spending is out of control” lip-service blather is knee-capped by the demonstrated lack of restraint by his party shown at the Federal level — House, Senate, and Prescedensy. Government spending is out of control. But it’s your own party, Governor Walker.

You got nothing.

Point two.… it’s now going to be making sure that you have institutions that are going to work.”

Institutions that are going to work. Hmmm. I’d like to see a list of the institutions Governor Walker supports because from what I’ve seen it doesn’t include education, healthcare, public works.² Oh, but wait. Boom there it is. “Walker attacked the Democratic candidates over calls to reduce the incarceration rate.“²

Walker jumps to warning that thousands of violent offenders would be released like I jump to the worst diagnosis of any symptom I have on WebMd. Please.

You got nothing.

Hoisted on his own petard. Bit in the butt by hypocrisy. It is hard to hold a platform standing in a dumpster with all the other racist, sexist, homophobic, ad nauseum (R)eprehensibles.

Tomorrow Wisconsin is holding a primary election. Vote.

Of the Democratic contenders for Governor (in no particular order), these are the three I’m considering:

And I’ll be behind whoever takes the nomination.

Today I’m a footnoting fool with many references to cite number two.² In my opinion, the entire article is worth a read. But touting Foxconn as a win piqued my interest calculator. Foxconn:

  • received $3,000,000,000 in subsidies from the state of Wisconsin.
  • will create 13,000 jobs

which is a cost of $230,769/job to Wisconsin!!!

But, but, but. If each job hire returns $10,000/year in taxes to Wisconsin — income, property, sales — it will take only 23 years for the state to clear a return on the subsidy. Whoa!

Meanwhile, Foxconn is a technology company and technology changes at the speed of … well, just in the time since I started this post — Foxconn posts an unexpected drop in profit.

So in 23 years? Well, benefit of the doubt, it could pay off. Who knows? Apple is the first trillion dollar or $1×10¹² USD company and Foxconn gets 54% of its business from Apple.

Or it could be a Fauxcon. Oh, boom! Glorious redundancy! A good faux is a con.

¹ Reilly, Katie. “Read Hillary Clinton’s ‘Basket of Deplorables’ Remarks About Donald Trump Supporters.” Time. http://time.com/4486502/hillary-clinton-basket-of-deplorables-transcript/ (retrieved 13 August 2018).

² Craig, Tim. “Once a rising star, Scott Walker is still looking for his path in Trump’s Republican Party.” The Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/once-a-rising-star-scott-walker-is-still-looking-for-his-path-in-trumps-republican-party/2018/08/12/09d02496-9c99-11e8-8d5e-c6c594024954_story.html?utm_term=.f1629bc359f2 (retrieved 13 August 2018).

PSA: 2018 Wisconsin Primary Election

This post assumes the reader lives in the geographic region of the United States of America labeled and organized as ‘Wisconsin.’ 

The 2018 Wisconsin Primary Election day is Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

If you live in Wisconsin, mark your calendar and Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The Wisconsin state government online resource to check all things related to Wisconsin voters is MyVote Wisconsin — find your polling place, what’s on your ballot, update your voter information, register, vote absentee. It’s there. And Wisconsin is one of the 19 states that allow you to register on election day!

The Wisconsin Primary is a partisan primary meaning that when you show up to vote you will be given a ballot with candidates from only one party. Registered parties:

  • Republican
  • Democratic
  • Libertarian (2 candidates): Governor and Lieutenant Governor
  • Wisconsin Green (2 candidates): Governor and Lieutenant Governor
  • Constitution (2 candidates): Attorney General and State Treasurer

A sample ballot is available at MyVote Wisconsin>What’s On My Ballot (tab). Enter your address, click ‘Search‘. (Note, you won’t have to enter your state! It is Wisconsin!)

And August 15? Buckle up. There will be 83 days of heavy campaigning by the primary winners against their opposition. The Koch brothers are big spenders in the state but as far as I know, it is still illegal to buy your vote.

Why I will not vote for any (R) GOPee-er since August 5, 2011 or ever: “S&P lowers the U.S.’s credit rating because the GOP says it might not let the government pay its bills.”¹ During the Obama Administration, the racist GOP was willing to sacrifice the credit rating OF THE COUNTRY, full stop, OF THE COUNTRY. Morally bankrupt. Party over country.

And 2018? Eh, <insert Gallic shrug here>. No problem. A $1,300,000,000,000 or $1.3X10¹² spending package. White bloated POTUS. Sure, why not?

They will bankrupt us all.

¹ The New Hampshire Gazette, Volume 262, No. 23, August 3, 2018 – back page “Admiral Fowle’s Piscataqua River Tidal Guide (Not for Navigational Purposes)”.

A Vivacation Sundry Assortment!

Well!  A check of the blog tells me that a year ago, I threw out for your consideration Google’s development of Loon balloons and remote internet. And here I am once again in the land of large blood-sucking mosquitos in contemplation of how much has changed in a year, and how naive it was of me to think that by Vivacation this year, the train wreck of the Trump prescedensy would be disappearing in the rear-view mirror of history.

Well, it’s not.

Buckle up. Here we go.

Early in July, Londoners floated their own Loon balloon in protest of Trump’s visit. A baby blimp in the image of Trump complete with diaper and safety pin.

And that diaper safety pin on the Trump-loon-buffoon-balloon looks too much like my safety pin.

But maybe therein lies the unspoken message of my safety pin.

“Keep your vile poopy diaper contained. Keep your racist, misogynistic, religious, etc. hateful fear-mongering s*it to yourself. Don’t make me use my pin … “

And while I have not had to invoke my safety pin’s superpower, it continues to amaze me that questions on the meaning, symbolism, and purpose come from women in my own demographic — white, middle-age, middle-class. I don’t know that they were in the 53% of women voting for Trump, but I don’t know that they weren’t.

As I skimmed news headlines, from The Hill: “Tramp rumpsup scrutiny of illegal immigrants” gave me pause and made me smile and then I reread. “Trump rampsup scrutiny of illegal immigrants.” Oh. Of course.

Tramp rumps up.

And speaking of Tramp rumps up. One of my favorite I-follows on Twitter had this comment in response to the Prescedense Tweet message to Iran:Ragnarok Lobster - Tang the Conqueror.JPG:

And if this were fiction, this would be funny. But we’re living it. Non-fiction history being written in 280-character chunks.

Many on Twitter are calling out @Jack (Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO) on this violation of Twitter’s terms of service.


Wouldn’t that be rich?

POTUS in a Twitter timeout. A safety pin moment for us all.

Paul Manafort’s trial was moved and starts July 31, 2018.  In the meantime, watch for more gaslighting POTUS Tweets … although he shifts our attention elsewhere, he is not a magician. We can see the smoke and mirrors and fluster bluster.

And the POTUS is pulling security clearances of former .


  • Former CIA Director John Brennan
  • Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
  • Former FBI Director James Comey
  • Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe
  • Former National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden

And one Democrat:

  • Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice

And this is not about security. Hayden has already stated he doesn’t need the clearance.

It is the act of making the list, making it public, singling out and stifling dissent.¹

Finally, since I am on Vivacation, here is a mini-mental health break:

¹ Many political observers and pundits have made this observation:

  • Sarah Kendzior
  • Leah McElrath
  • And others …

PSA: Wisconsin — Power to the Polls!

A Viva Public Service Announcement:

Power to the Polls is coming to Milwaukee, WI on July 28!


Saturday, July 28,  2018

12:00 PM – 5:00 PM CDT


Bradley Tech High School

700 S 4th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204

This is an opportunity to encourage others to participate and represent in our democracy. If you’re in the Milwaukee metro area and available, please:

  1. Register for this event.
  2. Mark your calendar.
  3. Show up.
  4. Actively participate with others in grassroots political engagement, and please …
  5. Be heard by being seen and have fun!

From the Power To The Polls website:

“The day will include speakers, performances, canvassing, phone and text banking, postcard writing, food trucks, fellowship and more. Additional details will be posted to the Facebook event.

“Wisconsin’s marginalized and progressive communities have been attacked by voter suppression efforts which also impacted the 2016 election results. There’s too much at stake in this election to sit on the sidelines. We have a real chance to turn things around and build a progressive majority. This year, we won special elections in Wisconsin Senate Districts 1 and 10, and we elected Rebecca Dalletto the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Voters are saying to the racist, sexist, xenophobic, ableist, and transphobic policies of the Trump administration and majority in Congress.

We can win by working to amplify the women’s narrative in the electoral space, support local grassroots leaders and elect more women and people of color to public office. The P2P tour is only going to 10 priority states and Wisconsin is one of them, be a part of the movement for victory by registering today!”

Full disclosure: I will be out-of-town during this event but I will be looking for future similar events and will post them here.

Feet in the street: #KeepFamiliesTogether Milwaukee, June 30, 2018

There is no federal law mandating children and parents be separated at the border.

On June 30, 2018 in about 750 locations across all 50 states, people marched in the streets in protest of the Trump Administration’s Regime’s “zero tolerance” approach anyone entering the US illegally. Anyone crossing the border without documentation is assumed criminal, and the Regime exercises the right to separate criminals parents from their children.

And in protest of separation of families seeking sanctuary, Viva & Friends hit the street at 1 PM, June 30 at 517 E. Wisconsin Street, Milwaukee, WI.


June 30, 2018 – Milwaukee, WI Feet in the street.

Speak up and speak out for the vulnerable parents and children seeking sanctuary here.

And oh, the irony! In this country of separation of church and state, the very white, very right Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III quotes the Bible to justify the separation of criminals parents from their children.

Wash his mouth out with some very white, so very-right-it-floats Ivory soap.

Piling on, Regime lying bullhorn Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders followed up with “It is very biblical to enforce the law.”

Pass the bar. Wash her mouth out too. And Romans 13? Please. Just. Full stop. Stop.

The best statement I’ve tripped across on the separation of church and state:

Dear people citing The Bible: It’s a cool book with some wonderful passages but it also has ghost sex & giants & super babies & demons. It’s why we don’t make laws based on Game of Thrones, My Little Pony or Legend of Zelda.

15 June 2018 2:02 AM. Tweet. @pattonoswalt

ICE has been active since 2003. During the Obama Administration, undocumented immigrants who were also documented criminals were targeted for deportation. Currently, non-criminal deportations are up and children are left to fend for themselves.

Always be prepared. A small portable all-purpose protest sign:


Small all-purpose Trump protest sign, (human hand shown for scale).

In this current environment, you never know when an impromptu protest opportunity might present itself.

During the 1.5 hours we were perched on the sidewalk across Wisconsin Avenue looking at the Federal Building (Senator Ron Johnson’s local office), we saw people offering water bottles, bags of ice cubes — Mr Viva, when offered some said, “no ICE.”  And the best share for me? A woman spritzed my neck with cool tap water on request. Thank you forward-thinker with a spray water bottle in 90+F° weather.


Goals: sunglasses that reclaim the red, white, and blue and continue to make a ruckus!

And the Whaddabouters.

What about the 89,000 children separated from their immigrant parents at the US border during the Obama administration? Why didn’t anyone protest then?

I knew of, but did not protest issues during the Obama administration. The GOP obstruction seemed enough. But fact-checking at Snopes.com:

“In other words, the figure of 89,000 refers specifically to the number of children who arrived in the United States alone between October 2013 and January 2016 and were placed with sponsors through the country. It does not refer to children whom United States border agencies separated from their families, which is the case with Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy.  

And in 2014 when faced with an influx of unaccompanied children from Central America:

“The Obama administration faced a surge of unaccompanied children from Central America trying to cross the border in 2014, Cecilia Muñoz, director of the Obama administration’s Domestic Policy Council, told the New York Times this month that a multi-agency team was considering “every possible idea” at the time, including separating families. “I do remember looking at each other like, ‘We’re not going to do this, are we?’ We spend five minutes thinking it through and concluded that it was a bad idea,” the Times quoted Muñoz saying. “The morality of it was clear — that’s not who we are.”

My bold, I: … that’s not who we are.

My bold, II … spend five minutes thinking it through …

I miss the Obama administration.

The language we use to describe others is important in how we frame situations. Lately it seems “immigrant” is synonymous with “criminal.” If we are to believe Prescedense Cheeto, anyone crossing into the US at the southern border is an MS-13 gang member, a criminal, a bad hombre. They’ve only come to defraud, commit crimes, terrorize.

It is easier to take the children away from those we typecast as criminals than it is to separate a child from a parent desperate for a better way of life. But if we change the story and look on those at our borders as human beings in need of sanctuary, look at them as persons wanting to join us and wanting to contribute to this great melting pot, the words we use change.

Immigrants are future citizens.


Keep Families Together – My protest t-shirt back.

For the second year, Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee is home to Sculpture Milwaukee (and there’s an app for that) — a free, outdoor sculpture tour. It is fabulous!

And so it was that near our position of protest was Sanford Biggers “Bam”:


Foreground: Sandford Biggers “Bam;” Background: Keep Families Together, June 30, 2018 Milwaukee, WI

Protest through the ages. Protesting so many ways.  The beat goes on.

Bam! There it is.

Life is rich.

Taking one’s feet to the street means hitting the water in a deep-dive on issues and reading enough to know who’s who. Read beyond the catchy, incendiary, click-bait titles. An example? At about 1:45 PM an organized group chanted their way down Wisconsin Avenue from the West toward the location of the Keep Families Together rally at 517 E. Wisconsin.

What!? Who are these people? Friend? Foe? For a moment I thought a rumble¹ might be afoot. But they came in peace. Allies.

SEIU Local 1 (Service Employees International Union).

Here is a boss mom who carried the peachy masterpiece her daughter created. (Her daughter was unable to attend.)

Proving once again, Moms represent!


June 30, 2018 – Keep Families Together Rally, Milwaukee, WI — Impeach hate!’

I love this poster.  Bright, clever, simple, to the point.

The hate must go.

If you spend too much time reading the news, the world is falling apart and Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to ring the doorbell and remind me of that more than they really should. And so I was delighted to learn of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ primary win Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Confessions. I knew squat.point.naught.nothing about Ocasio-Cortez until she won in a HUGE upset against I wasn’t aware of him before either Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th Congressional District. And then Sean Hannity advertising her platform sealed the deal!  I can get behind all that and as an early adopter, I figure if Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is 28, in 12 years she’ll have enough experience to run for President. And so, you saw it here. This was my little plug in the protest for the future:


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 2032!

And this should give you good cheer, Ann! Here is another little political factoid I stumbled across:

If Democrats take the House back in November, their current ranking member of the Financial Services Committee becomes the chair of the committee, and has the power to subpoena Trump’s bank records.

That member is Maxine Waters. Vote.

30 June 2018 7:47 PM. Tweet. @MrFilmkritik

My bold. Be still my soul.


¹ Rumble (verb, informal): take part in a street fight between gangs or large groups

And as I typed ‘rumble,’ a passing thought was  ” … don’t let me be so old that this is an archaic term …” Whew! not yet.

Word smatter.

Or words matter. The Prescedense:

We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order. Most children come without parents…

24 June 2018 8:02 AM. Tweet. @realDonaldTrump

From Brian Klaas, author of How to Rig an Election & The Despot’s Apprentice:Donald Trump’s Attack on Democracy:

“Infest.” “Breed” “Invade.” This dehumanizing language cannot stand. Nazis referred to Jews as “rats.” Hutu leaders called Tutsis in Rwanda “cockroaches.” Slaves were referred to as “stock.” Dehumanizing language lays the groundwork for mass atrocities. The words are no accident

24 June 2018 8:26 AM. Tweet. @brianklaas

Words are no accident and I’ll cast the net a little wider. The origin of ‘slave’ is Slavic. During the Middle Ages, Slavs were forced into … slavery.

The confidential book with the lyrics to the Milwaukee Residential Security Maps emphasized the actual color coding of the maps with verbiage like¹:

  • infiltration of a lower grade population”
  • detrimental influences
  • undesirable population or infiltration of it”
  • “Polish infiltration
  • infiltration of Mexican”
  • “besides the colored people, a large number of lower-type Jewish population”

My bold. “Infiltration,” detrimental influences,” “undesirable population,” “lower-type,” add all that to “infest,” “breed,” “invade.” At various points in US history, groups of people have been ostracized, cast in the role of “the other” and definitely not one of “us.”  Dehumanizing. The other. If not an enemy, definitely a threat. They must be stopped. They must be contained.

And if you’re the one stopped?  Separated from your children? Your family? Detained? Contained? Hmmm. Well. Then. You must not be human.

Words matter.

From Hassan Ahmad, Esq. (specialty immigration law, my bold) Twitter thread²:

“No, we must not only fight back, but create an alternative. So I have a few more concrete suggestions.

1. Scream it from the rooftops. Seeking asylum is a human right.

2. Stop criminalizing brown and black bodies, or the exercise of human rights by brown and black bodies.

3. Don’t be afraid to call out white nationalism. Learn to recognize it. Calling out bigotry never gets old: don’t let them tell you any different.

4. Associate the word “immigrant” with “future citizen,” or “aspiring American” whenever possible, and repeatedly.

5. Not they. Us.

6. Let’s start talking about citizenship law, not just immigration law. And let’s not conflate immigration law with deportation law.

7. Let’s raise the term prosperous border, not “border security.” Let’s not conflate border security with border militarization.

8. Let’s put some blame where it belongs: the government renders people “undocumented” by actively dedocumenting them. “Document” is a verb.

9. Immigration is the cure for cultural stagnation. America is not a pie that needs dividing. It’s a whole kitchen.

10. Our country is defined by its people, not its borders.
Don’t just resist.
19 June 2018 9:12 PM. Tweet. @HMAesq
(Full text in footnote 2 below in event link above doesn’t work.)

And to “our country is defined by its people, not its borders,” I would add “and currently not its Prescedense.”

¹ Redlining, Reggie Jackson, head griot at America’s Black Holocaust Museum.

Bullet points were sourced from my furiously scribbled notes taken at the Redlining presentation given by Reggie Jackson at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee 13 February 2018. Redlining was the first in the series ‘Allied in the Fight: Jews, Blacks & the Struggle for Civil Rights.‘ Errors are all my own.

² 19 June 2018 9:12 PM. Tweet. @HMAesq – unrolled using the Threadreaderapp. Text is included here in the event above links don’t work. READ, it is important: 

On separating families: Between fielding inquiries, helping clients, and trying to contextualize this latest act in the ongoing clown show that is this administration, I’ve also felt the ongoing nauseating mix of despair and disgust.

But maybe not for the same reasons.

Sure, I feel despair at not being able to just end family separation. And disgust at the administration that first celebrated it, and now (like clockwork) tries to deny it.

But I despair for another reason: that there is no unified alternative narrative. I am disgusted at the hate movements that successfully created their narrative.

(I’m talking about, among others, the Federation for American Immigration Reform.)

I despair that we are once again pulling out our water pistols to put out yet another fire, instead of taking out their flamethrower. I am disgusted at the complacency of people who legitimize that narrative by trying to find a half-baked common ground with it.

And I despair at the enormity of the task at hand, disgusted that this is where we are.

Here are some unvarnished truths:

1. The laws permitting these atrocities have been on the books for years.

2. There is a lot of money in the business of human detention. I mean, incarceration.

3. At least on the immigration side, the haters have a 40 year headstart. (FAIR dates back to 1979)

4. If you think this is bad, wait and see what happens when the laws themselves are rewritten instead of just being interpreted as cruelly as possible.

Wait and see what Jeff Sessions & Co. have in store.

I’m matter-of-factly glad that there is attention being paid to the due process free zone known as our southern border. I’m glad there is so much outrage. But it’s as useless as a bunch of water pistols if not properly channeled.
The thing about fires is they have to be put out. But if we’re not working toward a common goal, we’ll never take out the flamethrower.

So to put out fires, I recommend donating to @RAICESTEXAS , @cliniclegal , @AlOtroLado_Org, the @immcouncil, and the Texas Civil Rights Project. These folks have been on the ground since before #FamiliesBelongTogether started trending.

But all this advocacy can be focused. We can no longer accept the prevailing framing of the issues. No, we must not only fight back, but create an alternative. So I have a few more concrete suggestions.

1. Scream it from the rooftops. Seeking asylum is a human right.

2. Stop criminalizing brown and black bodies, or the exercise of human rights by brown and black bodies.

3. Don’t be afraid to call out white nationalism. Learn to recognize it. Calling out bigotry never gets old: don’t let them tell you any different.

4. Associate the word “immigrant” with “future citizen,” or “aspiring American” whenever possible, and repeatedly.

5. Not they. Us.

6. Let’s start talking about citizenship law, not just immigration law. And let’s not conflate immigration law with deportation law.

7. Let’s raise the term prosperous border, not “border security.” Let’s not conflate border security with border militarization.

8. Let’s put some blame where it belongs: the government renders people “undocumented” by actively dedocumenting them. “Document” is a verb.

9. Immigration is the cure for cultural stagnation. America is not a pie that needs dividing. It’s a whole kitchen.

10. Our country is defined by its people, not its borders.

Don’t just resist.


Occam’s Boo*straps.

On the way to and then on the way from Texas to see incarcerated brown children separated from their parents, the current moneyed-yet-somehow-classless FLOTUS wore a $39 drab olive jacket with the bold statement “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” printed on the back. Pictures abound.

Classless, not clueless. She knew what she was doing. A bone thrown to the pack of press from the throne of Gaslighting Incorporated, and from my bleacher seat, the media pack cleared the bench to run out on the field and break the same photo, the same story.¹ Theories offered, explanations grow and abound, that gaslight is lit!

And the Trump Administration Regime tweeted:

“I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” written on the back of  Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media. Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!”

21 June 2018 4:51 PM. Tweet. @realDonaldTrump

Really? Hmmm … I don’t think so.

My theory? Occam’s boo*straps (TM).²

Occam’s razor is “the problem-solving principle that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the answer that makes the fewest assumptions.” (Source: Wikipedia)

And the theories put forth — she’s trolling Trump, she’s trolling Zara and exploitation of children with child labor, she’s trolling the media — all these theories rely on the assumption that she’s silent and sends us brainy messages and maybe down deep she has a heart. Afterall, she doesn’t talk much and when she does, it doesn’t seem to be her own words.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

Or maybe when she speaks, she doesn’t use her own words² and speaks English phonetically like Bela Lugosi in his early days? Ah! But I digress with another crazy theory.

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is a colloquialism³ that can be used to justify an individual’s success or failure. Bold American individualism. You really need to help yourself.

And so, Melania, First Lady OTUS, hoisted herself up from Slovenian roots by Occam’s boo*straps. (Note, although photographic evidence suggests she flung aside the boo*straps on occasion to hoist herself even further, the phrase still stands.) She is symmetric and attractive, she modeled, she had magnetic qualities which attracted a wealthy man, she had his child, she is beyond comfortable in the tacky lap of orange luxury. The cost of her Occam’s boo*straps is that luxury, her comfort is paramount.

And Occam’s razor? Melania Trump wore that jacket coming and going in comfort because Melania Trump is a racist. Whether she was racist before, we don’t know. Let’s stick to now. Let’s stick to simple. Assume there is no there, there. Melania Trump has doubled-down on all things Trump.

And that includes white supremacy.


If Melania leaves Donald and becomes a strong voice for something other than her continued comfort in silence, I will be quite happy to be proven wrong. Until then …

¹ Packs of dogs, clear the bench baseball, gaslighting. Love me mixed metaphor writ large.

² Occam’s boo*straps. * == b. Occam’s boobstraps, irreverant and derogatory fer sure. Bra straps would have definitely been more appropriate, but I would have lost the poetry suggested by the ‘oo‘ in boot and boob.

Also, Occam’s boo*straps is a phrase mash used for the purpose of making a point in this blog post. It is not a commentary or judgment on paid sex work and paid sex workers.

³ “not her own words” — Melania Trump has “borrowed” Michelle Obama’s words liberally and unabashedly. And more than once.