Health care is self-care.

Don’t neglect to take care of yourself.

The Open Enrollment period for 2021 health insurance through the Affordable Care Act ends December 15, 2020. Sign up if you need coverage!

Sign up at

Observation: The appearance of the website is the bleakest I have ever seen. If I recall correctly, in past years there were photographs of actual people, like healthy happy people who might enroll or be enrolled in a healthcare insurance program through the ACA.

The 2021 enrollment screen is the ‘Hello World‘ of website design and that world is hello to a dystopian pandemic hell scape.

Which, well, here we are.

A Brief Viva History of Healthcare PSA

With the anticipated retirement of the Trump Regime to the history books in January 2021, this is the last I will publish a reminder for the open enrollment period of the ACA.

Or not.

Looking through the previous 3 years, in August of 2017 I noted that the Trump administration cut the advertising budget for outreach to those eligible for an Affordable Care Act health plan. That year I estimated the previous 2016 election cost per voter was $18.69. By comparison, the advertising for outreach to those using the ACA for 2018 was $0.90 per enrollee.

The amount of money spent to engage a voter was ~20X that spent to engage someone enrolled in healthcare insurance through the Affordable Care Act.


Gratuitous photo of a matcha latte flower in the before COVID times. Matcha latte is healthy.


Unrelated to healthcare and health insurance, we were never given an ‘off’ for the continual churn of the election cycle through the Trump Administration into Regime1 years. He started his 2020 presidential reelection campaign the week he was inaugurated. Always on the make and take, it never was about running the country.

I contend the Teflon Cheeto built his cult by never separating the two. I saw him deliver speeches denigrating the Democrats on the regular. He was not my President. He regularly told me he was not my President.

He opened up a second income stream the week of the inauguration. In addition to a cleaner swamp with the Biden/Harris Administration, I look forward to the end of this master class in grift.

And maybe a good night’s sleep.

Observe 6′ physical distance.

Wear a mask.

Be kind.

1Administration into Regime years and this is Viva arbitrary:

  • Trump Administration (February 9, 2017 – November 7, 2018): Although plenty of horribles happened during the time Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was Attorney General, I hold that it was a Trump wink at an “Administration.”
  • Trump Regime (February 14, 2019 – ) Attorney General William Barr. The Teflon Cheeto uses the Attorney General for his own interests. On our clock.