tl;dr!? Happy Halloween!

On Sunday, October 27 between 1 and 4 PM in the afternoon, I was visited by all manner of ghosts, goblins, Spider-Mans, Super-Mans, a dinosaur, beautiful princesses and their kin in attendance. It was a crisp fall day! Leaves fell, the sky was blue with big fluffy cotton balls, and I gave candy away like it was Halloween!

October 27, 2019During Game 5 of the World Series between the Nationals and the Astros, the Jumbotron cut from the military in the stands to the Prescedense and then back to the military. The crowd cheered, boo-ed, and cheered again. Ouch. They made their feelings known. Respect, displeasure, respect. And for a hot minute, the tRump’s mask was down. On video, he went from animated to scared to teary? Was there a bit of fear? A teary sad?

We see tRump with his itty-bitty heart on his sleeve. In a crowd filled with people wearing red, maybe he thought he was surrounded by a beloved dung of his MAGAts. But no, the Nationals colors are red, white, and blue. The red was not there for his schtick. Nope, not today, Don Don. He should not have been surprised. He should know. Adoration from a crowd gathered to watch a baseball game composed of a fan base that voted for your opponent by 90% in 2017? You could have stayed home.

“It’s as American as apple pie.” Was this a photo opportunity for the Don of the Trump Regime to appear “Presidential’? Was he trying to show his support of? America? Break up all the MAGAt scat at rallies and golfing expedition videos with an ‘aw shucks’ baseball game? Attempt to look like a regular old President doing regular old Presidential things? We see through that deception. Not today Don Don. Not today.

And we have so many more questions!

Does tRump have even a passing interest in baseball? Has he ever played a game? What position did he play? Baseball is not too different from golf, no? Nine holes, nine innings, drives and whiffs and strikes and home runs, chips and bunts? Which team did he root for? Has anyone bothered to ask? Aren’t we curious? As a representative of the entire US, do Presidents root for both teams? Cheering the winner regardless of affiliation?

He couldn’t be bothered to bring his teenage son? Does Don ever think of Barron? Does Barron even like baseball? Does Barron even like his dad? And here we have ventured into wandering about in family dynamics we shouldn’t wonder about but I must say, in previous administrations I knew the kids were okay.

This administration regime? Not so much. We know the adult children are grifted grifting grifter graft. We see their mugs far too often. Has anyone checked on Barron lately? Asking for Melanie Melania. You know, ‘Be Best.’

Monday, October 28, 2019 – Monday morning quarterbacks pundits and sports political commentators wrung their hands and backed-and-forthed on what it means to ‘boo’ the person sitting POTUS. In January 2017 I would have judged booing as disrespectful and would have been all in on that is bad, bad, bad.

In February 2017 I started blogging with high standards. I would not stoop to calling tRumpy names. I traveled this high road on my high horse for four (4) months. It was a bumpy, rocky, pothole filled road. And I gave that horse a break.

Walking the low road. The word-mash Prescedense was inspired by the Teflon Cheetos’ total lack of awareness and respect for what it means to be the President of the United States. Lies, gas-lighting, promotion of personal businesses which were divested-not-divested, nepotism, cronyism, open statements of racism and misogyny all freely flowing from the seat of power, porn stars, low friends in high places as Cabinet members — it was too much for me. I caved. Prescedense Trump. Teflon Cheeto. tRump Regime. It’s all here. The low road.

A mob boss is called the ‘Don.’ The tRump Administration Regime head is named Donald.

tRump is running the office of POTUS like a mob boss.

I shall call him Don Don.

Today, whilst looking for the word to describe a group of MAGAts, I imagined the fresh cow pies I avoided on the cow paths of my youth. I dove down the rabbit hole of farm scatology I knew — cows*it, *orses*it, c*ickens*it, pigs*it, bulls*it. And I thought of mulch. A ‘mulch of MAGAts.’ But then much of that s*it was premium mulch and I do not want to give ‘mulch’ a bad name. And so, ‘dung.’ Dung sounds about right. Dung. Dung, dung, dung. Dung. A bell tolls. A dung of MAGAts.

But then scat. I like the sound of ‘scat’ too. It’s small and singular and rhymes with MAGAt. A dung of MAGAts is a collection of MAGAt scat.

Yes, this is a low road.

Wednesday, October 29, 2019While the series game was played in Houston, fans at National Park booed when a tRump 2020 campaign advertisement played locally on their Jumbotron! A consistent set of constituents!

Don Don filed for reelection the week he was sworn in. And we are all tired of the political churn, the continual election cycle. Could we not have a break for a year or three? And advertising? For President? During the World Series? Por favor. That’s Spanish for please. Why not choose not?

Has he no respect for apple pie either?

Sunday, October 24, 2019In the trick-or-treat candy bowl were mini Hershey bars. Small, thin, rectangular, about 2”x3” and as two 3 year-old trainee princesses walked away with their loot, one held her Hershey bar to her ear and said ‘hello’ pretending it was a cell phone. And her friend picked up her Hershey bar and joined the conversation. And I imagine they continued in a discussion of puppies, naps, and chocolate. Princesses talking on candy bars on a magical day with clouds of big fluffy cotton balls.

Happy Halloween my friends! I hope you have incredibly interesting conversations with a friend(s) and chocolate! (Or a delicacy of your choosing.)