Our attention was turned to the General Election on Tuesday, November 8 and the Georgia run-off election Tuesday, December 6, 2022 and so we are a bit behind with this reminder. The Open Enrollment period for 2023 health insurance is on right now!

Health care is self-care.

Don’t neglect to take care of yourself.

Enrollment ends December 15, 2022

Sign up at HealthCare.gov.

Addendum: COVID has been in and around us morphing into its variants — the virus wants to survive too — and we are weary. Get boosted. Get a flu shot. And above all:

Be kind.

Wear a mask.

In health, carry on!

The dregs of a fancy matcha latte and its rings. Original photo included for gratuitous blog post visual interest but today it reminds us that mental health is important. Peace. Bless.