Spam! An all-purpose 4-letter word.

As we struggle a more perfect union, I observe that more and more vowels are taking a knee replaced with an asterisk to mask the pedestrian words that have merged into the fast lane on the public discourse freeway. She*t. P*ss. F*ck. Low words abundant in high places. But just like we know it’s Superman hiding behind a suit and glasses, we can still read all the words Clark Kent has cleaned up. When the headline includes the word ‘b***h’, Superman knows it isn’t a blush or brush Clark’s talking about.

And so dear reader, when editing or masking words, I’ve taken the tack that vowels remain in place and instead choose to mask select consonants. Sh*t becomes s*it. P*ss becomes pi*s. H*ll becomes he*l, or *ell. Still readable. You still know of what we speak. S*it could be slit and pi*s could be pits but you know they’re not and you do not need to buy a vowel. You’ve got the puzzle covered.

But then the conundrum of how to censor f*ck. F*ck is not so simple. Censored any other way it still sounds like it reads. Maybe *uck? Nah. And so taking a trick from the Monty Pythons, I propose that ‘spam’ be used as a substitute for the words that are still too robust, still too raw, still too pedestrian to walk by the editor’s blue pencil. Spam, a four-letter word, it can be a noun, an adjective, or it can be verbed and we can leave the asterisk alone. Totally flexible that spam:

  • Go to spam.
  • Spamhead.
  • Spam it.
  • What the spam?
  • Spam right off.
  • He hasn’t a spamming clue.

Spam! Bonus: suitable as a substitute for longer words too:

  • That spam better have my money.
  • Grab them by the spam.

You know what’s been said. And the Pencesniffians can read through all that spam too!

Spam. Spam. Spam.

It works.

I offer this clip of Monty Python’s ‘Spam’ in the event you think I used too much spam in this post:

Word mash: Pencesniffian

General Election Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Vote. Vote. Vote.

(Actually vote once and only once, but VOTE!)

Wisconsin Residents: Information at MyVote Wisconsin.

Oh whoa! Whilst lost down the rabbit hole investigating the etymology of feckless and complicit, I tripped across the word Pecksniffian — a word based on the character Seth Pecksniff in Charles Dickens’s Martin Chuzzlewit.

From the Oxford dictionary: Pecksniffian – Affecting benevolence or high moral principles. 

And let’s be clear. It is the second definition affect² that is in effect — “pretend to have or feel something.” (Oxford)

Further character assassination of Seth Pecksniff from the good folks at Merriam-Webster,:

Seth Pecksniff “liked to preach morality and brag about his own virtue, but in reality he was a deceptive rascal who would use any means to advance his own selfish interests.”

Too good to be true, this word mash does write itself! Drop the ‘Peck.’ Pick-up ‘Pence.’ Keep the ‘sniff’. We see Pence holding his nose through this whole Trump circus s*its*ow.  Our new word:

Pencesniffian (adjective): imitating the benevolence and high moral grounds of Vice POTUS Pence. 

And! Again too good to be true, Plug-n-play. Merriam-Webster’s example of Pecksniffian in a sentence fits for Pencesniffian:

Graham is “a Pencesniffian pandering to religious conservatives, especially in the weeks before the election.”

Vice POTUS Pence continues to quietly, sanctimoniously, lovingly-shepherd herd, support, and vice the corrupt Trump administration toward destruction – “a deceptive rascal who would use any means to advance his own selfish interests.” Seth Pecksniff comes to life on the world stage.

Pence, Vice in title; vice in practice.

Aside: I was down a Lewis Carroll Alice-in-Wonderland rabbit hole investigating word etymology when this word mash popped up and I ran into Charles Dickens. I love English. I love literature. I need to read more.


My rewrite of some select headlines:

  • African American’s Increasingly Erratic Behavior Comes At a Price for Tesla Shareholders (Forbes)
  • African American calls Thailand diver ‘child rapist’ in new baseless attack (The Guardian)
  • Elon Musk: The African American Architect of Tomorrow (Rolling Stone)

For your consideration today, please consider the labels used to describe others.

A Sundry Assortment of Updates

General Election Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Vote. Vote. Vote.

(Actually vote once and only once, but VOTE!)

Wisconsin Residents: Information at MyVote Wisconsin.

A calendar check tells me that while I’ve been off not blogging, I have completed another trip around the sun! And although an annual holiday is a good time to reflect, review, and renew personally, here are some updates on previous posts as we, the US of A continue to struggle a more perfect union:


Brett Kavanaugh. From 7th-grade civics classes, I understood that selecting a Supreme Court Justice was a Appointments are for a lifetime or the remainder thereof.

And then McConnell blocked any hearing at all for nominee Merrick Garland for 264 days or so and again, I was reminded that selection of a Supreme Court Justice is a

And then Gorsuch was confirmed in record time and I learned that Mitch McConnell is a racist, treasonous, hypocritical lyin’-SOB and if karma is a bi*ch, a chunk of the rotunda would fall on him literally symbolizing his contribution to the death of our democracy but I digress …  

So the update is that after watching this political circus s*its*ow for a few decades, selection of a Supreme Court Justice is not as big a deal as I thought it was, or that Mitch thought it was during the Obama Administration. Mitch has matured past those archaic mores that Supreme Court justice picks are a  He has embraced public life as the racist, treasonous, hypocritical lyin’-SOB he’s kept hidden under his white suit in plain sight but I digress …

It’s a race. The final race starting gun sounded this morning with confirmation hearings. Call your Senators – (202) 224-3121. Script:

  • Hi, my name is your name and I’m a constituent of Senator name calling from City, State.
  • I’m calling regarding President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh whose records have been withheld for review and whose stated ideology is out of step with the vast majority of Americans. 
  • I urge Senator name to oppose the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. He has a troubling record on guns, he would put reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, the environment, and health care for millions of Americans at risk.

Or say what you want. Script lines were lifted and modified from multiple sites.

Kava? Nah.

Where is Jeff Sessions?

Well, he’s still Attornery General.

Oh, a spontaneous word-mash! ‘Attorney’ plus ‘ornery’ gives us ‘attornery’.

After predicting that the penalty for Jefferson bull*hit-Beauregard-no-regard Sessions, III White Lying under oath would be that he would still be Attorney General in a month, I will state that I was so wrong! It has been 550 days and we’re still counting. I wonder what the odds were in Vegas?

Well, I’m sure as the target for Prescedense Orangangutang’s Tweets, Jeff Sessh is an attornery.

But he’s in good company: Don McGahn and Stefan Passatino are leaving or have left too! They can form a veritable firm of Trump attornerys.

C.K., I

Louis C.K. and do we even know what the C.K. stands for? Well, Louis C.K. decided his times up now,  he’s been bad but now he’s exited the penalty box to resume his day night job “without apparently grappling with what he done.[sic]”  The commentary at the end of this article “Standup Comedians Explain Why Louis C.K.’s Return Was So Infuriating” is everything.

Louis C.K.? Wrong. How about Louis I.C.K.? Just another OWG back to his OWG schtick.

Maybe keep it in your pants this time Louis.

C.K., II

Colin Kaepernick! After celebrating Colin Kaepernick’s standing up by way of kneeling down to protest systemic racism by putting the anthem run-up to his livelihood on the line, I wondered how much we would hear from or about him in the future. But GO NIKE! Yesterday, Nike announced they had kept Kaepernick under contract and that he is the face of their 30-year ‘Just Do It’ campaign!

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

Colin Kaepernick, or Nike …

In contrast to C.K., I., C.K., II interrupted his career. The NFL put him in a permanent timeout-side-the-stadium penalty box. And Nike? sure, they’ll make millions but it’s a bigger world outside the stadium and Colin Kaepernick will continue to Just Do It — play, protest, be heard.

Make a difference for those left out of stadium seating.

Celebrate! The GOAT.

Serena Williams. Gonna end this on a positive note, I celebrated that Serena Williams is in the army supporting Fearless Girl come-to-life here. And when Serena was restricted from wearing a catsuit to play tennis, she sported a tutu. (And I’m not sure I can rock bumper Nikes with a tutu, but I’ll try. Frood, you have been warned.)

And here is a celebratory thread link to a Serena history lesson with pictures and video of why she is the GOAT. Enjoy!

(Twitter thread by @khalilmsaadiq, 2018 Aug 31, ThreadReaderApp unroll.)

Acronym GOAT: Greatest of All Time

Have a terrific day, why not?


A dumpster fire of (R)eprehensibles.

Wisconsin Primary Election tomorrow, August 14, 2018. Vote. Vote. Vote.

Information at MyVote Wisconsin.

In September 2016, Hillary Clinton put half of Trump’s supporters in a basket and then described that basket of deplorables as “… racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it …” behaviors.¹

And ‘deplorables’ became a noun and much hullabaloo ensued. Clinton lost the electoral college. Donald Trump is the President.  And 23 months after her “deplorable” comment, I  propose the whole of the Grand Ol’ Party, all the Republicans, the Trumpublicans, the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — the lot of them — it’s a long list, the all of them are a veritable dumpster fire of reprehensibles.

To support my argument, I point to prime exhibit, Scott Walker:

“Walker’s earlier focus was that spending was out of control but now, in many ways, it’s now going to be making sure that you have institutions that are going to work.“² I confess I’m confused that this statement comes from an early Wisconsin Trump supporter because it contains a couple nuggets of sunshine.

Let’s unpack:

Point one.Walker’s earlier focus was that spending was out of control …

Well, hi-dee-ho! If spending was out of control during the Obama administration, look at the US now! The party that touts fiscal responsibility as a value, isn’t. Not fiscally In April 2018, Bloomberg projected the deficit would surpass $1×10¹² USD or $1 trillion by 2020. And let’s face it, April was a lifetime four months ago and the Prescedense has pumped even more future dollars to jack the deficit up.

And so Walker of “spending is out of control” lip-service blather is knee-capped by the demonstrated lack of restraint by his party shown at the Federal level — House, Senate, and Prescedensy. Government spending is out of control. But it’s your own party, Governor Walker.

You got nothing.

Point two.… it’s now going to be making sure that you have institutions that are going to work.”

Institutions that are going to work. Hmmm. I’d like to see a list of the institutions Governor Walker supports because from what I’ve seen it doesn’t include education, healthcare, public works.² Oh, but wait. Boom there it is. “Walker attacked the Democratic candidates over calls to reduce the incarceration rate.“²

Walker jumps to warning that thousands of violent offenders would be released like I jump to the worst diagnosis of any symptom I have on WebMd. Please.

You got nothing.

Hoisted on his own petard. Bit in the butt by hypocrisy. It is hard to hold a platform standing in a dumpster with all the other racist, sexist, homophobic, ad nauseum (R)eprehensibles.

Tomorrow Wisconsin is holding a primary election. Vote.

Of the Democratic contenders for Governor (in no particular order), these are the three I’m considering:

And I’ll be behind whoever takes the nomination.

Today I’m a footnoting fool with many references to cite number two.² In my opinion, the entire article is worth a read. But touting Foxconn as a win piqued my interest calculator. Foxconn:

  • received $3,000,000,000 in subsidies from the state of Wisconsin.
  • will create 13,000 jobs

which is a cost of $230,769/job to Wisconsin!!!

But, but, but. If each job hire returns $10,000/year in taxes to Wisconsin — income, property, sales — it will take only 23 years for the state to clear a return on the subsidy. Whoa!

Meanwhile, Foxconn is a technology company and technology changes at the speed of … well, just in the time since I started this post — Foxconn posts an unexpected drop in profit.

So in 23 years? Well, benefit of the doubt, it could pay off. Who knows? Apple is the first trillion dollar or $1×10¹² USD company and Foxconn gets 54% of its business from Apple.

Or it could be a Fauxcon. Oh, boom! Glorious redundancy! A good faux is a con.

¹ Reilly, Katie. “Read Hillary Clinton’s ‘Basket of Deplorables’ Remarks About Donald Trump Supporters.” Time. (retrieved 13 August 2018).

² Craig, Tim. “Once a rising star, Scott Walker is still looking for his path in Trump’s Republican Party.” The Washington Post. (retrieved 13 August 2018).

PSA: 2018 Wisconsin Primary Election

This post assumes the reader lives in the geographic region of the United States of America labeled and organized as ‘Wisconsin.’ 

The 2018 Wisconsin Primary Election day is Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

If you live in Wisconsin, mark your calendar and Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The Wisconsin state government online resource to check all things related to Wisconsin voters is MyVote Wisconsin — find your polling place, what’s on your ballot, update your voter information, register, vote absentee. It’s there. And Wisconsin is one of the 19 states that allow you to register on election day!

The Wisconsin Primary is a partisan primary meaning that when you show up to vote you will be given a ballot with candidates from only one party. Registered parties:

  • Republican
  • Democratic
  • Libertarian (2 candidates): Governor and Lieutenant Governor
  • Wisconsin Green (2 candidates): Governor and Lieutenant Governor
  • Constitution (2 candidates): Attorney General and State Treasurer

A sample ballot is available at MyVote Wisconsin>What’s On My Ballot (tab). Enter your address, click ‘Search‘. (Note, you won’t have to enter your state! It is Wisconsin!)

And August 15? Buckle up. There will be 83 days of heavy campaigning by the primary winners against their opposition. The Koch brothers are big spenders in the state but as far as I know, it is still illegal to buy your vote.

Why I will not vote for any (R) GOPee-er since August 5, 2011 or ever: “S&P lowers the U.S.’s credit rating because the GOP says it might not let the government pay its bills.”¹ During the Obama Administration, the racist GOP was willing to sacrifice the credit rating OF THE COUNTRY, full stop, OF THE COUNTRY. Morally bankrupt. Party over country.

And 2018? Eh, <insert Gallic shrug here>. No problem. A $1,300,000,000,000 or $1.3X10¹² spending package. White bloated POTUS. Sure, why not?

They will bankrupt us all.

¹ The New Hampshire Gazette, Volume 262, No. 23, August 3, 2018 – back page “Admiral Fowle’s Piscataqua River Tidal Guide (Not for Navigational Purposes)”.