Wisconsin Primary Election tomorrow, August 14, 2018. Vote. Vote. Vote.

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In September 2016, Hillary Clinton put half of Trump’s supporters in a basket and then described that basket of deplorables as “… racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it …” behaviors.¹

And ‘deplorables’ became a noun and much hullabaloo ensued. Clinton lost the electoral college. Donald Trump is the President.  And 23 months after her “deplorable” comment, I  propose the whole of the Grand Ol’ Party, all the Republicans, the Trumpublicans, the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — the lot of them — it’s a long list, the all of them are a veritable dumpster fire of reprehensibles.

To support my argument, I point to prime exhibit, Scott Walker:

“Walker’s earlier focus was that spending was out of control but now, in many ways, it’s now going to be making sure that you have institutions that are going to work.“² I confess I’m confused that this statement comes from an early Wisconsin Trump supporter because it contains a couple nuggets of sunshine.

Let’s unpack:

Point one.Walker’s earlier focus was that spending was out of control …

Well, hi-dee-ho! If spending was out of control during the Obama administration, look at the US now! The party that touts fiscal responsibility as a value, isn’t. Not fiscally responsible.at.all. In April 2018, Bloomberg projected the deficit would surpass $1×10¹² USD or $1 trillion by 2020. And let’s face it, April was a lifetime four months ago and the Prescedense has pumped even more future dollars to jack the deficit up.

And so Walker of “spending is out of control” lip-service blather is knee-capped by the demonstrated lack of restraint by his party shown at the Federal level — House, Senate, and Prescedensy. Government spending is out of control. But it’s your own party, Governor Walker.

You got nothing.

Point two.… it’s now going to be making sure that you have institutions that are going to work.”

Institutions that are going to work. Hmmm. I’d like to see a list of the institutions Governor Walker supports because from what I’ve seen it doesn’t include education, healthcare, public works.² Oh, but wait. Boom there it is. “Walker attacked the Democratic candidates over calls to reduce the incarceration rate.“²

Walker jumps to warning that thousands of violent offenders would be released like I jump to the worst diagnosis of any symptom I have on WebMd. Please.

You got nothing.

Hoisted on his own petard. Bit in the butt by hypocrisy. It is hard to hold a platform standing in a dumpster with all the other racist, sexist, homophobic, ad nauseum (R)eprehensibles.

Tomorrow Wisconsin is holding a primary election. Vote.

Of the Democratic contenders for Governor (in no particular order), these are the three I’m considering:

And I’ll be behind whoever takes the nomination.

Today I’m a footnoting fool with many references to cite number two.² In my opinion, the entire article is worth a read. But touting Foxconn as a win piqued my interest calculator. Foxconn:

  • received $3,000,000,000 in subsidies from the state of Wisconsin.
  • will create 13,000 jobs

which is a cost of $230,769/job to Wisconsin!!!

But, but, but. If each job hire returns $10,000/year in taxes to Wisconsin — income, property, sales — it will take only 23 years for the state to clear a return on the subsidy. Whoa!

Meanwhile, Foxconn is a technology company and technology changes at the speed of … well, just in the time since I started this post — Foxconn posts an unexpected drop in profit.

So in 23 years? Well, benefit of the doubt, it could pay off. Who knows? Apple is the first trillion dollar or $1×10¹² USD company and Foxconn gets 54% of its business from Apple.

Or it could be a Fauxcon. Oh, boom! Glorious redundancy! A good faux is a con.

¹ Reilly, Katie. “Read Hillary Clinton’s ‘Basket of Deplorables’ Remarks About Donald Trump Supporters.” Time. http://time.com/4486502/hillary-clinton-basket-of-deplorables-transcript/ (retrieved 13 August 2018).

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