Okay. Shameless is not a relative of Stephen and this is something I didn’t think I’d do this soon ever.

I opened the Viva Escritora Boutique Vending store on Zazzle with a collection of products sporting my Morse Code design of Black Lives Matter. (You can view products on Viva here or go directly to Zazzle here.)

And before I wrote an explainer and backgrounder on the why, the what, of the design, I thought I should test drive of a Viva sweatshirt or coffee mug myself.¹ So I visited Zazzle today and they are currently running a promotion of 30% off clothing if you use the PROMO CODE:


And 15% off non-clothing items!  Not too shabby. I don’t know how long they’re running this promo. And if you don’t like the Viva Boutique wares, Zazzle features a whole lot of other designs by others on many different products² and I guess Christmas is coming so there’s that.

Shameless hawking over.

¹ Ann test drove the prototype and told me to get the Zazzle Viva E. Boutique up and running. So I did.

² I can’t vouch for the quality of all Zazzle products, but I have been very satisfied the t-shirts I purchased over 6 years ago.  Many washes, many wears and someone remarked on the Roswell reference on the front of Mr. Viva’s t-shirt last week. So there’s that.