Viva Escritora

Reporting from the bleacher seats …

While waiting for an oil change for my car today, I was browsing through products on the Houzz app. Due to the ‘view in my room‘ option, I was able to electronically redecorate the waiting area. I placed new seating, a new rug. It would still probably pick up a little whiff of oil but I could see that it would be so much more comfortable.

And home now, I can visualize a pink or a maize tea kettle feature on the front lawn in the manner of a Claes Oldenburg sculpture. Or maybe it should be a large red mixer.

I should probably alert the neighbors.

And I’m pretty sure providing waiting room entertainment and whimsical lawn art considerations is not the use for ‘view in my room‘ the good folks at Houzz intended.

Oh well. Carry on.

3 thoughts on “Unintended consequences.

  1. Wendy says:

    Dearest Viva,
    A little whimsy in the neighborhood would be refreshing. Actually you could start a whole new trend – tea kettles etc. lawn art. I may try a colander!

    1. My favorite idea is to grow wooly mammoth legs and horns. 🙂

  2. Suzi Moore says:

    The maize teakettle would be lovely in the fall! Better get one before it is no longer available😉

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