Today I read that NASA received permission to look for extraterrestials in the 2017 NASA Authorization Act.

And to that I say, JUST STOP, DON’T DO IT NASA!  Right now humans need to be stealthy, quiet, mind our own business and deal with our own problems in our little corner of the galaxy. We are already cosmic polluters – shooting stuff into space like so many pieces of plastic in the ocean. We should not be inviting the cosmically unknown and presumably cosmically sophisticated for a visit. We do not want them to know we’re here. If they have any intelligence, they won’t like us very much and we are in no position to entertain other than as a food source, (short story: They’re Made Out of Meat, Terry Bisson). 

And this is a good time to make the observation that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

And so here I am promoting a position of STOP.NASA.STOP.DON’T.DO.IT!

Didn’t see that one coming. Ugh.