… I’m gonna try something.

Greetings! I am planning to jump the Grand Canyon on a motor scooter climb Mount Everest using a ball of twine and some paperclips change the WordPress blog theme I am using.

Although I expect it to be a mouse clicks and done, previous experience in IT has me conditioned to expect, well, less than that. And the number of years I’m removed from active IT service would qualify for the right to vote.

But we’re human. Mouse clicks make mistakes. Expect smooth, prepare for a tsunami small storm.

And why change themes?

The theme I currently use is called “Truly Minimal” which it truly is, but it is also truly retired. Reading the migration documentation, “updates to web technology make old themes outdated both visually and functionally.” So there’s that.

And! As I have collected quite a sundry assortment of blog posts, I find I look for information or what my opinion was a year-ago or wonder if I like a typed phrase because I’ve typed it before. I would like more … organization.

Wish me luck and hold my beer. I’m gonna try something.