Viva Escritora

Reporting from the bleacher seats …

Me, a child looking at some green salady thing Mom was dishing up: “What’s this?”

Mom: Rocket.

Mom goes on to explain she found it growing wild between the garden and the cornfield and washed up, it will be delicious.

Me: Ugh.

Fast-forward umpty-dumpty dump and a few more dump years.

Mr. Viva: Do I need to pick anything up from the store?

Me: Rocket. Only now we call it arugula.

And it comes to us by way of a plastic container, all 6 oz. and triple-washed and ready to go.


Remember our veterans & a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

2 thoughts on “How times change: Rocket Arugula

  1. Ann says:

    I did not know that! Why is it always so hard to find at Metcalf?

    1. Arugula? I was thinking I should rename the post ‘The Normalization of Rocket.’ Who knew? I’ve find it in the organic area and maybe it’s seasonal? Hmmm …

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