Proseur: A pretend writer of prose.

Proseur is a word mash-up between the word prose: “written or spoken language in its ordinary form without metrical structure.” (Many thanks to the Googles.)

And poseur: “A person who acts in a affected manner in order to impress others.” (Thank you Misters Merriam & Webster.)

And thus, a proseur is a person who affects a writerly manner in order to impress others with non-existent prose.

And this week my prose meandered off to another venue.  Whoa, a contest!  For me, that work, that wandering prose is now doing it’s own limbo.  Meanwhile, I’m a proseur, baby!  <grin>

And Happy April Fools Day!  May all your fools be happy. <\grin>

(Hat Tip: Mr. Viva. Thank you.)