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A moment: World Poetry Day!

Public Service Announcement: Today is World Poetry Day!!! tl;dr!? There are 5 poems below but I refuse to summarize.         Either take a moment here,                           or there,                or don’t. Here we go! Woodpeckers The woodpecker […]

PSA: Ballotpedia!

tl; dr?! Public Service Announcement: Ballotpedia is a resource for election information. Subscribe for e-mail notifications, bookmark, or save their home page. Be an educated citizen, mark your calendar, and VOTE!!! (Photo […]

I lied. VOTE!!

Photographic evidence suggests that I intend to vote on November 6, 2018. But, true confession, I drive with this sticker lied to my bumper. (Yes, intentional unconventional use of “lied” as verb. […]