Happy Presidents Day & Prescedense Day!

Update: 4:30 PM. I published this post originally with an estimated cost of $3M/golf outing which was too high. I have removed this verbiage and associated math as I do not want to be the purveyor of bad information.

The Trump Golf Count website estimates the total cost to taxpayers currently as $88M.

And I stand by the comment that this is still the Driving for Dollars Administration.

Historically, this date is Presidents Day. So Happy Presidents Day!

For the current resident of the “most expensive unit of public housing”¹, this is Prescedense Day!

By my definition, Prescedense: an elected chief of state lacking intelligence or common sense whose subsequent actions lower the bar for the standard of comportment expected of the office of President of the United States (POTUS).

In light of the recent declaration of a state of emergency followed up by a weekend trip to Mar a Lago, we would like to honor the Trump Regime as the Driving for Dollars Administration.

“Driving for dollars” can be applied to various and sundry careers which warrant reimbursement for mileage gained in the course of doing a job. About $0.40/mile was the going rate when last I claimed mileage … oh well.

With this administration though, “driving” applies to golf. Since he began to warm his buttocks in the big chair, Prescedense Trump has taken ~159 golfing expeditions.

Or $88,000,000.

Driving for your dollars. In honor of past Presidents, let’s reclaim Presidents Day! Call your representatives and senators to either impeach or invoke the 25th Amendment on this the Driving For Dollars Administration:

202.224.3121 (general switchboard operator)

For reference, a short list of Prescedense tRump’s recent actions:

  • Attack of the free press on Twitter
  • Threat to national security especially in his use of Twitter
  • Refusal to divest of business interests while in office & violation of emoluments clause (see above, his business gains a % every time he drives)
  • Declaration of a “national emergency” for funding a wall
  • Destruction of established international relationships with allies
  • Agent provocateur of Putin/Russia
  • Habitual incessant lying

It’s a long list … enough of the Driving for Dollars Administration!

¹ New Hampshire Gazette commonly used description of the White House, Washington, D.C. Subscribe here if you haven’t.

Oh, baby! A postgame interview: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo plays basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks. Combining his Greek citizenship with amazing athletic prowess, he has the nickname the “Greek Freak.”

A few days ago, Giannis held a baby during the whole of a 3-minute postgame interview. Enjoy!

Or not.

Absolute sweetness. Hearts all the way around.

I needed this.

Post-script, I: Giannis is pronounced YAWN-nis.

Post-script, II: Yes, I am on a mini-blogging break until March 7, but this! This I had to share.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

On Monday, January 21, 2019, I watched the Milwaukee Bucks play the Dallas Mavericks.

I set my camera to ‘video,’ held it up in the hope that I’d capture something of interest, and then this happened:


-Giannis Antetokounmpo playing in the Mavericks (106) v. Bucks (116) game, Monday January 21, 2019, Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee, WI.

Thanks, Ann!

Viva’s Privacy Policy!

tl;dr? I have a privacy policy because readers are valuable, precious, and dear to me. To be read is an honor. Thank you for your time and attention.

-Viva Escritora


I am a fan of Simple: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity by Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn. These policy statements are my understanding of the relationship between us — reader and writer in this stadium of the world-wide-web.


As I signed up for my neighborhood association website, I noted that my neighbors had a very well-developed ‘Privacy Policy.’ Whoa! No peeking in my windows.

And as I publish under a pseudonym, you may conclude that I value a bit of my own privacy. And likewise, I care for your privacy, so here we go!

2018.11.27: Viva E.’s privacy policy.

The internet is my publishing platform. 

I attach no strings.

I do not use cookies. 

I do not use the Google Analytics. I view the tallies that WordPress provides as part of their basic package.

I will not waste your time, attention, and electronic resources on third-party machinations. No java scripts, no dancing hippos advertising tutus or pointe shoes, no moving parts. 

If I ever have advertising, it will be simple, static images with links to other internet places.

If you click on a link I have included in a post, you have left the Viva privacy umbrella. You are now seated in someone else’s audience. And I cannot vouch for their privacy policy.  

If you entered an e-mail address to get automatic updates, that is all you will get from me in your e-mail. I will not sell your e-mail address to another or spam your e-mail with non-internet post blather. Just no.

When or if there are changes to this policy, I will change the date above and will include the full updated text with changes notated in a blog post.

Again, readers are valuable, precious, and dear to me. To be read is an honor. Thank you for your time and attention.

-Viva E.

2018.11.27 & 2019.02.05


I’m going to take the month of February to take two steps back and regroup. I will resume regular reporting from my bleacher seat on Thursday, March 7, 2019. In the interim, I’ll fill this space with mini-posts — videos, pictures, notable quotes by others. Where is, as is.

About two years ago, I began this blog with the intention to post at a minimum of once a week — first Tuesday morning which then migrated to … Thursday morning which has migrated to … not a set schedule.

As I roll around to the two year marker, I would like to take a bit of time off to:

  • Work on blog post structure and organization. Focus on making a point. Or not.
  • Work on the site structure and readability. It has come to my attention that reading and navigation on a mobile device is less-than-optimal. Challenging even.
  • I upgraded to the Premium WordPress package in January so I could post videos. I’d like to further explore and incorporate any features available in this upgrade that would improve the layout and presentation of this site.
  • Review goals set out in early 2018. Are any of them still sticky in 2019?
  • Take a mental health break. Reporting on politics and the Trump Administration Regime is tiring.

And I’m not in the press pool.

The struggle is real.