RIP Bill Paxton (1955.05.17 — 2017.02.25)

My all time favorite Bill Paxton role was in “True Lies” as Simon, the used car salesman. A favorite scene was at the edge of a dam where Simon:Bill is threatened by Harry:Schwarzenegger.   Pleading for his life Simon cries “I’m navelent.”

Navelent. I thought I knew most of the ‘lent’ words* — benevolent, violent, malevolent, equivalent, ambivalent.  Just what is ‘navelent’?  And such a big word for Simon seemed out of character.

No.  Not navelent.  With a second viewing, my hearing “I’m navelent” resolved itself into “I’m navel lint.”  Navel lint.

And on Bill’s passing, all I can say is, me too, Bill.  Me, too.

* A quick check of the Scrabble word finder tells me I’m a ‘lent’ words neophyte.


Welcome!  I am a people watcher reporting from the bleacher seats.  What sticks. What fails.  What fails and rises again.  And fails.  And then rises to conquer.  But maybe only for a short time.  Things change.

And the paradox is that even as I’m observing, sitting in the audience, I’m still part of the performance.  Macro crowd movements and micro observations.  An active participant.  A lively scribbler.

Viva Escritora!